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Some of the companies we are marketing
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We are currently involved with a number of companies that we would like to or are doing business with.

Our partners (current and potential)   

Coffees of Hawaii
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These are some of the companies that ITBC is
involved in or is getting involved with.
They include the following:
FX Street
Baby Phat (eFashion Solutions)                       
Gameduell Inc.
Internet MegaMeeting, LLC
JUARA Skincare
LinkShare Referral Program
Marketing Profs
Microsoft Store
Pittman & Davis
Rocawear (eFashion Solutions)
TM Lewin and Sons Ltd.
Variety Theater      
baby star Not available
Coffees of Hawaii
Expedite Media LLC dba
Footwear etc.

Microsoft Store 
Visit the Microsoft store and find some great products

Microsoft Store

Companies such as Slideshare (link provided in the next page) provide a useful platform
to display a companies business plans and/or other information. Zecco is a well
established stock trading company with whom we will be trading and consulting.
Established e-trade companies like TDAmeritrade will also be usefull in providing
analysis and information on the stock market.

We are also a member of the Nasdaq community where brokers discuss trades
and other stock market issues relevant to them. 

You will find that ITBC has prospects of making good trades and transactions on
your behalf to ensure your investment is well placed.
For more information companies that we are promoting and marketing or
advertising please follow this link below for ITBC PROMOTIONS:
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For further information please click on the ITBC investment page link below.
ITBC investment page
What we do
We are investing in these companies through stocks, 
services and products. As we seek agreements and
partnerships we will be outsourcing their products
and services. All our services are e-commerce based.
We will provide information on these companies and
more and their products,stocks through our social and
business network. Details of your investment will be
made available at your request.
Five areas that we are going to be investing in include:
  - Travel
  - Trade (stock and currency markets)
  - Business Services and products
  - Advertising
  - Buying and selling (consumer products)
Visit this travel company. They have great products
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Let's build a good business relationship

We provide information on consumer products from our partners
Visit and join our
social and business networks with the link provided below
( or you can also follow us on SLIDEHARE,SPOKE both business networks, and FACEBOOK. You can also join our business forum where we discuss stocks
and other investment issues at our ITBCInvestment Forum though you may have to first sign in (use the ITBC link provided below). You can also follow us on Linkedin and Twitter.
Join us and our groups and share your thoughts on our sites and e-commerce. Also visit our blog with google adsense. Sign up with our advertising forum at

ITBC contacts.

Please get in touch with us today!
+254732798506 or +254729624254 (our business/social network where you can sign up)
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