ITBC providing you with the best e-commerce services and investment opportunities
We are also outsourcing   
Our business will also outsource services of the business we have mentioned once we have viable agreements and partnerships. This will also reflect in your investment in ITBC.
We are also involved with a number of affiliate programs. Such as
LinkShare Referral Program
We are an affiliate of
Marketing Profs:
MarketingProfs reviewed more than 200 sources and selected 64 of the best to create the Digital Marketing Factbook—a compilation of data covering the critical topics of digital marketing.
What you will be investing in   

You'll be investing in the different companies products and services and business named in our invest in ITBC page.
Some of these companies include


ITBC will handle all your investments with great care. Any investment above the minimum price (shown below) is viable.

ROI will depend on the brokerage firm and the companies stock perfomance


  Markets are often unpredictable and there's little security in predicting the market performance of any business. We can however make educated analysis on the market trend  of any particular business or product  based on  reports  on consumer preferences  and  demand for  products and  services .
We offer a 5% commission on investment for stock brokers (or anyone) that brings an investor to ITBC. The investor will have to first invest the money before we can pay the 5% commission.
The minimum investment for stocks or currencies is US$ 25,000.00. ITBC will be taking 15% commission from the initial investment for our services. The dividends will be paid to the investor when the company invested in makes it available to the share holders. You can invest up to any amount you wish. Information on how or where to deposit or send your investment is provided below.
You will also be investing in all ITBC businesses and products which are also being sold on other sites such as VENDIO (named in our investment page). Vendio has many e-commerce applications and can be very instrumental in selling products through such e-commerce vendors as eBay with whom we are also selling products. We will also be using the services of online brokers such as ZECCO and TD Ameritrade amongst others.
How to invest   
You can invest in our services by using a company we are trying to partner with
Paypal is an established merchandising company that also specialises in e-commerce services and can be instrumental in trade and e-payments.
Marketing for business   
We are currently marketing for over Ten businesses. We want to provide an environment of professionalism in our work and our sites.
Cisco is a well established software company. 
Visit their site and have a look at what products the have to offer.
Cisco Systems Inc., formerly known as Pure Networks
Cisco Systems Inc., formerly known as Pure Networks
what do we offer?   

A consice analysis on stocks

We will provide you with an investment overview on the markets and show you where your investment would be depending on how much you would like to invest and the stock of your choice based on our analysis. If you would like further consultation,please join our ITBC Investment Forum by signing in to our ITBC business network provided in our invest Invest in ITBC.

We want to make e-commerce accessible to many people   
We're marketing through many different forums for different businesses
such as babyphat:
Baby Phat (eFashion Solutions)
Alternative payment   
Alternatively you can pay directly to ITBC
The following is the ITBC bank details if you would like to invest directly. For any amount you deposit,please provide us with ALL YOUR BUSINESS details and what particular investment it is intended for example; stock markets, forex markets/currency trading  or a general investment i.e ITBC business. Thank you for your interest and contribution  to ITBC.


Account Number : 0300030106


Branch : NAIROBI

Bank code : 16000

Swift code : CITIKENA

Beneficiary details:
Account number: KAACBSA0135976

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